Ivy Cove in Robb Report
Ivy Cove in Robb Report

Few if any publications know all things luxury as well as Robb Report. We at VERY New York public relations think Robb Report editor Nicole Hoey got it right when she included our client Ivy Cove in her wrap up article of “The 40 Best Gifts for Girlfriends, From Beauty Essentials to Colorful Watches“.

If you are a girl lucky enough to have your significant other buy you a gift from this list… you are indeed having a charmed relationship!  The gifts went from a $24.00 lip balm to a $137,500 pair of bespoke earrings… but it was the Ivy Cove “Step Up Market Tote” that caught our attention at $118.00, because this collection of leather accessories for men, women, children, pets, & home has some of the most covetable pieces in the market.  Seriously, check out the full range at www.ivycove.com. There is some thing in this collection for everyone at nearly any price.

Want to Step Up Market Tote?  Use this link… seriously one of the coolest gifts you’ll EVER give… trust us!


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