Never Fear Drawing the Boss’ Name Again…
Ivy Cove in Reader's Digest

We’ve all been there… you draw the boss’s name in the office gift pool & you don’t know what to buy. Or, your boss is moving to a new house & you need a house warming gift.  Or… you get the picture.

Well, Reader’s Digest to the rescue! Editor Lois Alter Mark pooled some of the best ideas we’ve seen for a boss gift ever. In fact, she pulled 41 ideas & entitled the piece a catchy “41 Clever Gifts for Your Boss That Show You’re Paying Attention“.

It’s #17 of 41 that got our attention here at VERY New York public relations because it’s from our client, Ivy Cove…

Driftwood Leather Flower Pot for $70.00.

Be warned, you’ll be buying two… one for your boss & one for…

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