Fashion Mannuscript Profiles Ivy Cove
Ivy Cove in Fashion Mannuscript

Fashion Mannuscript is the go-to publication in the New York Garment Center for all things fashion. Distributed in every lobby in the legendary neighborhood, it’s the publication of choice for waiting rooms, subway reads, or lunch time perusal for everyone in the garment center.

The venerable publication recently profiled VERY New York public relations client Ivy Cove as a collection to watch, pointing out its Montecito, CA roots & celebrates it’s beach vibe or, as they call it, “island time”. Regardless of the analogy they use, they are all true. The collection, the creative brain child of industry veteran Ivy Moliver, is one of the freshest, most novel, high-quality, entries into the category of leather accessories to the home, men, women, pets, & children in some time.

Yes, we are a bit biased, but if you visit & check out the collection for yourself, you’ll soon realize we’re not just biased, we’re telling the truth!

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