Madame Figaro Includes Evan Hirsch
Evan Hirsch in Madame Figaro

Madame Figaro is the go-to publication for pop culture junkies in France. Since fashion is a pop cultural mainstay, it makes total sense that Madame Figaro would be the go-to publication for all things fashion as well!

VERY New York client Evan Hirsch is thrilled to be included in the venerable publication’s coverage of NYFW for the Fall 2024 collections.  Evan was sponsored this season by fantasy role-playing gaming company Eleventh Hour Games, the masterminds behind the Last Epoch game, which heavily influenced his creations for the season. His show was divided into 5 separate segments, each inspired by one of the characters in the Last Epoch game, with each of those segments ending with one of Hirsch’s show-stopping transforming gowns.

The audience was understandably awestruck… & apparently so was Madame Figaro…

To see Evan’s collection on Madame Figaro, click on this link.

For Evan’s entire collection, see this link.

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