Bishme Cromartie & Team VERY
VERY New York on set with Bishme Cromartie

Winner of Season 20 Project Runway, Bishme Cromartie, held his 2nd show during NYFW with a striking presentation at the Ritz Nomad in the Grand Ballroom. VERY New York public relations was honored to be brought on as his show producers along side Agentry PR who was doing the front of house & guest relations work on the event. Bishme asked us to create a white draped visual treat that would “allow his collection to pop”… I think we managed to do it…

Following the show, Bishme posted the photo above on his Instagram feed with a sincere thank you for all of our efforts. We’d be remiss in not publicly returning the THANKS ourselves!  That’s Bishme in the middle with VERY New Yorkers Mai Vu on the right & R. Scott French on the left.

Bishme is one of the nicest people we’ve EVER met in the fashion industry & one of the most talented designers currently working in New York… hands down!

Check out his work on his site:

To view the post on his Instagram feed, use this link.

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