Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste
VERY New York Live Streaming

Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste

Times of crisis are also times of opportunity & we’re making sure to seek these out during the current pandemic. We have never been shy from making change or from creating disruption when needed. And while this wasn’t an intentional moment, we are pivoting as needed along with our clients. One of the ways in which we are finding new opportunity is through the live streaming of our events.

As an agency we manage all kinds of events from intimate dinner parties to large scale galas with 500+ guests, none of which are really in the plans for the foreseeable future. As with many other aspects of our lives, we are re-working our strategy to take these celebrations online and to a whole new audience. While we will miss the red carpet & the intimacy of an in-person event, the ability to take an event virtual opens the door for inclusivity with a much broader audience. We’ve been working with several media platforms & learning as much as we can about the technology & the new user experience in this new format.

We really believe that the virtual event is not just a bandaid that will hold us over for the time being. Taking events to audiences at home & worldwide will be part of the new normal & we welcome such a great addition to our scope of work.

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