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Heather Payne, creator of Emerging Heroes, the collection of leggings, bra tops, t-shirts & the coolest facemarks on the planet, scored a great piece on Switzerland based website Fashion Channel.

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English translation:

Heather Payne launches her collection of masks Designer and entrepreneur Heather Payne has expanded her Emerging Heroes luxury sportswear collection to include a collection of face masks that are in line with her philosophy of blending art and social impact.

The fashionchannel.ch columns: “Fashion, big names in fashion, emerging brands, trends and curiosities NEW YORK – The collection is produced using a wide range of real photographic images that turn bland face masks into a platform for happiness and fun. The mouths of cats, puppies, tigers, lions and chimpanzees allow the wearer to express their inner animal. Facial expressions like smiles, lips and laughter can show the person’s attitude even if you can’t see their real mouths.

“I want to make people feel free and create an uplifting sense of self in these difficult times,” Payne said. “Masks make expression that people cannot express on their own. You can be a cat in the morning, a tiger by day or a fox at night.”

The masks are made of Dupont’s SILVADUR ™, a breathable antibacterial material that can be washed numerous times and does not lose its effectiveness. The masks have adjustable sliders to fit any face and custom clips will be available so that people don’t lose their masks. 10% of the proceeds go to Feeding America, the largest national organization to fight hunger.

As Payne describes it, “The mask collection is a natural extension of the spirit of Emerging Heroes. Walking down the street you can make ten friends; I see it as a community of smiles. What better way to get through a day than wearing a mask. Also you can turn your kids into kittens, your husband into a lion. ”

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