Emerging Heroes Beast Mode

Leading fashion news blog, Fashion Maniac, posted a great story on VERY New York public relations client Emerging Heroes that highlights their new range of beastly masks.  From humans’ best friends, cats & dogs, to ferocious felines like Tigers & Panthers, there’s a beast for all levels of expression.  See the full review/story here.

Emerging Heroes is the brainchild of designer, creator & ex-model Heather Payne.  She has developed a full range of photo real fashions, from leggings & sweatshirts to bra tops & t-shirts, mostly intended for high-end work-out or athleisure wear. In the face of COVID, Heather applied her considerable talent to making people smile, even though they are hidden behind facemarks due to the pandemic.  The result are some of the most infectious (pardon the pun!!!), fun facemarks on the market.

Her talents are getting recognized by countless on the streets, as she is literally stopped several times a block by strangers on the streets asking her the proverbial “Where’d you get that?” question.  To which she always replies… “I have some right here for sale!” Add to that several celebrities & influencers & it’s plain to see:  Heather’s got a hit on her hands!

Get your own Emerging Heroes mask on their site:  www.emergingheroes.com

Also, a serious percentage of every sale goes to charity…


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