Thale Blanc Goes Digital… In An App

Covet Fashion, the latest App-based game that is sweeping through the world of fashion fanatics (US!), has announced that VERY New York public relations client, Thalé Blanc Statements is the latest designer collection to join their “closets”.  The App involves contestants styling digital looks on avatars of their choosing (all sizes & ethnicities included) based upon daily challenges, the likes of which a real stylist would encounter… “Your client is going to a film premier tonight, but doesn’t have time to stop home before leaving right from their office”, etc.  The contestant stylists will put looks together from the contents of their styling closets & then a panel judges the winners who receive digital cash & gifts of garments to help build an even broader assortment of options in their closets.

See the image above… the real look is on the left & the digital look is on the right (the bag is a bit different from the photoshoot image, but otherwise… pretty convincing!).

The entire Thalé Blanc Statements Fall 2020 collection is available in the game, as well as the range of Thalé Blanc handbags & jewelry, all designed by Los Angeles based Creative Director Deborah Sawaf.  Enough about Thalé Blanc… go to your App Store & download COVET Fashion as soon as you can… be warned, your free time just got shorter!  We’re obsessed…

Get ready… Negris LeBrum, another VERY New York client is also joining the COVET Fashion of brands in the coming weeks. We’ll tell you about that when it happens.

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