New Client: Lisa F Pliner

It’s always a joyous day when VERY New York public relations gets to announce a new member of our family!  Well, today is indeed one of those days. Welcome to the VNY family Lisa F Pliner.  Pliner is an artist, designer, mother & muse who has been married for several decades to legendary shoe designer Donald J Pliner.

Lisa is set to add a new title to her list of roles she has played when she takes the host seat of her new weekly Podcast entitled “Over 40 and Loving Every Minute of It”.  On the series, Pliner sits down with family, friends & associates, who all have something vital to share with Pliner’s audience.  While the mainstream media may be saying otherwise, it is Pliner’s belief, (& we think she’s right) that 40 is the new starting point.  After 40, men & women alike finally know who they are, what they want & are curious about how others are doing “it”.

Lisa sits with her guests & asks them a question or two to get the conversation started & then… Bang! They are all off & running.

A new show posts every Tuesday @ 3:00 on the UPBNgo Network available at this link.

Welcome tot he family Lisa (& Donald!!) & we can’t wait to see what we can build together!

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