Rory Worby: 2020 FGI Rising Star Awards Winner

Please allow us to congratulate VERY New York public relations’ client, Rory Worby, on her being named the 2020 Rising Star in the category of Scarves & Jewelry by The Fashion Group International (FGI) at its first ever virtual luncheon that is normally a fantastic luncheon event at Cirpiriani in New York City.

This is Rory’s 2nd time as a finalist & for her, the 2nd time is the charm.  Congratulations Rory!  So deserved.

Rory Worby works from her studio in the country just outside of New York City creating her one of a kind masterpieces – scarves, wraps, kimonos, caftans & pillows – all by hand.  She utilizes techniques far & wide to create the finishes, washes, textures, etc. that have become the hallmark of her studio.  She handprints the patterns on silks of all sorts that are hand stretched & steamed, before being washed & dyed.

The finished textiles are then given to a seamstress in Stamford, CT who happens to be an Afghan refugee, who cuts & sews Rory’s handwork to make the final pieces come to life.  Each one is wholly unique, never to repeated… some call it couture.  We agree, but out of respect to the actual “haute couture”, we’ll not make that declaration, however, in reality, her work does rise to this level.

Check out Rory’s collection at this link.

But be warned:  Keep your credit card well out of site, lest you find yourself buying a piece, or two, or three… Or, better yet, keep your card nearby… your closet will thank you!

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