History According To Negris LeBrum

California Apparel News featured an incredible piece on VERY New York public relations client Negris LeBrum in a story entitled “Travis Hamilton Depicts His Comprehensive View of History in New Collection“. Focussing specifically on the new series of t-shirts designed by Negris LeBrum Creative Director Travis Hamilton, the article shares several quotes from Travis where he explains not only the history of his collection, but why he chose this season to launch such a powerful fashion statement as his “American Legends Series” of t-shirts.

The shirts feature 6 historic African-American figures replacing the faces of 3 of Americas most legendary statues.  The series questions what American monuments would be like if the version of history that is real, truly was the version of American history that is portrayed by the monuments we hold near & dear as a nation.

Click on the links below to learn more about The American Legend Series:

Mountain Top T-shirt

Harriet Tubman T-shirt

Frederick Douglas T-shirt

To see the full Negris LeBrum collection, click here.

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