Sexy Then, Sexy Now… 3Wishes

Internet fashion site, The Garnette Report posted a fantastic story about VERY New York public relations client  Entitled “Sexy Then, Sexy Now – Historic Looks for the Holiday Season“, the story was a “get the look” type of feature where 9 iconic looks from the past were updated by the merchandisers at for only a fraction of the original looks’ prices.  Versace for $68.00… it’s possible. Well, not actual Versace, but the look & feel… YES!

Vivian Kelly, Instagram’s @thefashionhistorian & writer for VERY New York client was tasked with finding the 9 looks from the 3Wishes assortment & we think she outdid herself!

Check it out for yourself by reading the whole story here.  Or, shop all the sexy lingerie, swimwear, holiday dresses & Halloween/festival costume looks from at this link.

Thanks Vivian Kelly & thanks Garnette Report… we love what you did!

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