It’s Time to COVET Negris LeBrum

Houston based design house, Negris LeBrum, under the creative direction of Travis Hamilton, is the latest collection to join the roster of designers featured on the hottest new App on the scene:  COVET Fashion.  Pictured above is the real look on the left & the virtual look on the right… pretty real looking, eh?

Download the App, set-up your account & off you’ll go into the exciting world of fashion styling… go ahead… you’ll join the ranks of some of the fashion scene’s most noted stylists… you’d be surprised to find out who’s on the App already.

Joining Negris LeBrum on the App is another VERY New York public relations client Thalé Blanc Statements, designed by LA based Deborah Sawaf.  Both have reported a serious up-tick in traffic to their website & social media accounts since their collections appeared on the App.  VERY New York is excited to have their clients finding an exciting new audience!  Want to get your collection on the App… give us a call!  We can make it happen.

Want to check out Negris LeBrum for “real”?  Visit their website:


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