PARK Accessories Pre-Season Ski Sale in Fashion Maniac

The PARK Accessories pre-season ski event made the pages of!  VERY New York public relations client PARK Accessories makes some of the most luxurious sporting accessories in the market.  So, whether your “game” is skiing, boarding, tennis, golf, or equestrian sports, PARK has the bag for your needs.  Add to that some uber-chic travel bags (backpacks, luggage, computer bags, etc.) & you have everything you need to travel & sport in style.

PARK Accessories are made of the finest Italian findings & materials available, including vachetta leather trim & trademark tartan plaid linings. They make the prefect gift or a really decadent personal treat!  If you make the leap, it will literally be the bag of this sort you’ll ever need (or want!) to buy.

Check out the full range from PARK Accessories on their website:

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