Sky Wellness… New Client

As one of the fastest growing brands in the CBD space, Sky Wellness has a lot to celebrate.  Hopefully they’re celebrating being the newest member of the VERY New York public relations family as well.  We certainly are!

VERY New York has been fortunate enough to have been selected as the agency of record for telling the story of the full Sky Wellness brand.  The range of products includes Oils, edibles, gels, skincare, topicals, and vapes.

The brand message is barely known to the media (but that’s about to change), but it seems the public is taking note & as Sky Wellness has already achieved unheard of success at retail in only the short year plus that its been in the market under its current management team.

Get ready to learn more, or better yet, learn more while experiencing the product by trying it out at this link.

We are so excited to have you join us, Sky Wellness!

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